• Theme

    CRY WOLF ! introduces a different piece of mind in the perspective
    of the next Zinneke Parade that will be tin 2020

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  • Masui

    Masui Building
    Since the birth of the Zinneke Parade in 2000 at Brussels
    the european city of culture, Zinneke follows a nomad life.
    The Anspach galeries at "rue de la Caserne" and of the Byrrh at "chaussée de Vilvorde"
    we finally land at Masui in 2013.

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  • History

    Already ten times...

    The Zinneke Parade is born in the city of Brussels in 2000, the European city of culture. It is the expression of a wish to organise a big party in the city, that will make bridges and links between 18 neighboorhoods and the center of Brussels that will mobilise all the (socio-)culturel partners and associations.

    The first Parade was full of emotion and joy that created loads of memories. The goal was to show the big day of multiculturel riches of the city and to break the barriers (read more...)

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  • What?

    Zinneke* is a project that creates open spaces to meet, collaborations, cooperation and creation, that puts an artistic dynamic with sociability between neighbours, associations, schools and artists in different neighbourhoods in Brussels and otherwhere.

    A multiple of artists projects ("Zinnodes") that are created through ideas, propositions and the imagination of the participants in the workshops.

    These are all meeting places for people who do not (read the rest...)

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