CANAALIBAL, a monster that escapes from sight, hides itself and when it can, pretends to be something else. To give itself substance, it collects debris from the bottom of the canal and from the city. Wrapped in legends, its essence is not matter, or rather it is matter for thought: on the canal, its streets, its facades, this neighbourhood, those who live there and how they experience that. CANAALIBAL hunts, digests and expels. To find out what has become of its prey, you have to face its digestive system full of deforming treasures.


- Artistic Coordination

Daniele Manno & Amandine Brun

- Artistic Team

Djibrilou Attanine, Margeurite Benelli, Odile Artru, Stefano Tumicelli, Guido Schiffer, Razak Elguire, David Zazurca, Juliette Raskin

- Partners

Restaurant solidaire et lieu de rencontre Cassonade , centre communautaire De Vaartkapoen, fanfare Café Marché, maison de quartier La Rosée, wijkantennedequartier WAQ, espace de co-création Micromarché

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