New Moon


What a funny spring.
Masks are coming off, and bombs are coming down.
Storms are roaring, the sun is shining and human stupidity is pushing its way to the front.
What forces govern us? Or do we perhaps have our destinies in our own hands?

’New Moon’ takes a contrary view of trompe l’oeil.
Not a hymn to all the types of deception that encourage us to believe the impossible,
but rather a tribute to the invisible – though very present – forces which motivate and support us.

Concretely, the new moon visits Brussels: extraordinary and fragile, deep black but bringing hope of light.


- Artistic coordination

Vital Schraenen et Jo Zanders

- Artistic team

Laurent Blondiau, Fabrice Giacinto, Steve Gillet, Grégoire Tirtiaux, Brigitt van de Wouwer

- Partners

espace d’accueil pour musiciens Met-X, projet de percussion De Batterij, centre de jeunes Indigo, opéra urbain Décrocher la Lune

New Moon
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