Measures Covid-19 virus

The Zinneke Parade, which was planned for the 16th of May 2020, has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 crisis.
This biennal marked the twentieth anniversary of the Zinneke Parade. A year and a half ago, well over 170 organisations, 150 artists and 1500 participants chose to commit themselves to bring the Zinneke Parade to life. The creation phase of 22 artistic projects (Zinnodes) was in full flow at the time the safety measures were announced. Unfortunately, the projects in Brussels, but also in other cities in Belgium, Europe and even the Democratic Replubic of Congo had to be put on hold.

Our goal is to make sure the creativity and the cooperation of the Zinnodes continues to flourish.
We will take a month to consult with all our partners to figure out how and when we will release the projects.
At the moment, we are keeping an open mind and we will endeavour to look into every possible outcome. There is no doubt that the creativity of the Zinnekes will culminate into something beautiful. We will not let our 20th anniversary go unnoticed.

Gathering together is Zinneke’s aspiration. Cooperation and solidarity between people who might not meet each other under normal circumstances is our focal point. We try to pay particular attention to those who are often left out or who are threatened to be excluded. Not everyone in this city has a safe haven, a laptop or a smartphone with an internet connection, a guaranteed income or a strong support system. The Covid-19 crisis is a painful reminder of how unequal everyday life can be for different demographics, even though we are living within the same square kilometres. This makes us very concerned.

The theme of this year’s Zinneke Parade was “Aux Loups! Wolven!” Each of the Zinnodes chose their own point of view: the sensitive balance between all living beings, the use and misuse of fear and danger, the indictment of abuse of power and violence, the manipulations through fake news, exclusion and the way we perceive and approach one another, and so much more.
These explorations of the theme mirror the current events and urge us to reflect in this time of crisis: How do we deal with the realisation that we are all dependent on each other? Moreover, how can we alter the societal structure, starting from the places, communities and realities we are living in?

The very core of Zinneke is getting together and cooperating. We will continue our hard work! In the Zinnodes, but also around us, through all solidarity actions!

See you very very soon!
Team Z

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