To participer In the Zinneke Parade 2024

A never-ending urban adventure

You have a proposal
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Zinneke is offering the whole of Brussels a collective artistic experience that will culminate in a gigantic street show in Springtime 2024.

You live in Brussels, you are an artist, a group of friends, an association or collective, or any other human form, you can participate!
Around 20 projects (made up of artists, associations and residents) will be chosen, financially supported and accompanied for the 2024 biennial.

Set up a project with others by answering below:
Answer the 3 questions (WHAT, WHO, WHERE) and we will contact you to meet.
You can also come and see us until 27 June on Tuesdays from 3pm to 7pm, Place Masui 13, 1000 Brussels, call us to discuss or arrange a meeting on another day: 02/214.20.07.

If you would rather participate in the workshops directly, please visit our website in January 2024!

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