Zinneke Parade

Every second May, one event ignites the streets and squares of Brussels. The Zinneke Parade is the occasion for an enormous deployment of imaginations, cultural interweaving and crossbreeding, where gatherings occupy a central place. It takes places on the 14th of may at 15h in the city centre of Brussels.

For this edition, everyone moves and parades!
We want the public to move along the route. To free up space in the event of traffic jams on the route, the Zinnodes have a personal clearing service of 3 to 5 people. Gone are the metal barriers, everyone ensures their freedom of movement! We have nevertheless provided you with beacons throughout the course… people who speak very loudly announcing the imminent arrival of each Zinnode.
And all the Zinnodes will set off for a full 2-hour lap on the Parade loop.