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Musician Bert Bernaerts (°1971) is fascinated by the vague zone where music and theatre blend. He plays, improvises and composes music in many different contexts. As a child he became interested in and familiar with wind instruments through his experiences in local brass bands. During his studies in sociology in Leuven, he studied upright bass and – as a trumpet player – got in touch with jazz and free improvisation. In his work he constantly investigates the balance between tradition and experiment. The result is often a cross-over where the music gets affected by other artforms : dance, puppetry, music theatre, sound art.

Alongside his artistic aspirations he has a particular feeling for cummunity-art projects and music-pedagogy. In his neighborhood he started two community projects : ‘Fanfare ‘t Akkoord’, an alternative brassband witch integrates guitars and experimental instruments and ‘Tarmacadam‘ an orchestra for children. In his educational approach he focuses on
– the body and movement as a compass for playing music
– playing and improvising music without traditional scores
– Soundpainting (universal multidisciplinary live composing sign language for musicians, actors, dancers, and visual Artists)

In september 2022 he received a 2 year-composition-scholarship from the Flemish Community. He focuses on composing music for seashells and develops composition techniques in community-art-contexts.

References :

Hopfrog Fanfare
Spiral Consort, music for seashells Music-theatre : Zonzo Compagnie Fanfare ’t Akkoord van Borgerhout

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